Deva Premal Global Gayatri Mantra + 7 Days of Rest

Hi friends of UNIFY,
We wanted to share a message from our friends Deva Premal and Miten:

Namaste friends,

Join us LIVE on Facebook and Instagram for a daily Global Gayatri Mantra Meditation from January 1st to 7th, 2019.Times: 1 pm Los Angeles, 4 pm New York, 9 pm London, 10 pm Berlin and 8 am Sydney (Jan 2-8).

We are chanting the Gayatri Mantra to invoke the divine light of pure consciousness that dwells inside us all. We are asking that this great light will guide and inspire humanity towards a greater understanding of love, peace and understanding.
Bring your voice, bring your friends and bring your mala.

Check out what time the Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation will be live in your location at the World Time & Date Clock. If you can't catch the live session, chant with them in your own timing - the daily videos will remain available after the live broadcast.

Om bhur bhuvaha svaha
Om tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

'Meditating upon the radiant source of all things, we awaken to the divine light of pure consciousness.'

With love,
Deva & Miten
If you feel like continuing your journey and beginning your year with meditation, our friends at Contemplative Life will be hosting guided experiences on Zoom from January 1st - 7th:

The beginning of each new year provides the opportunity to pause, reflect, and begin the year with renewed intention. What's your intention for the coming year?

To help you reflect on this question Contemplative Life, in collaboration with the Brahma Kumaris worldwide community, 7 Days of Rest and Reflection and Transformation 365 are hosting 7 Days of Practice.
We invite you to join us for 30 minutes each day starting Tuesday, January 1st - 7th from 12:30 to 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Each day we will introduce a new practice.

Daily Practice Schedule Live on Zoom 12:30 - 1:00 PM EST

We welcome you to join us live via Zoom conference either by video or by phone.

Here is the Zoom Link and call-in numbers for each of the seven days:

(669) 900.6833 & (646) 876.9923  Meeting ID: 459 857 059
Find your local number:

For more details on each session and for audio recordings on each of the 7 Days of Practice please visit Transformation 365.

Please join us as we begin the new year with a week of practice.


President & Co-founder

From our friends at 7 Days of Rest:

The invitation of 7 Days of Rest and Reflection is for individuals and groups around the world to co-create a global field of rest, reflection and intention for the healing and replenishment of the Planet and all its Inhabitants.

Together we will seed the New Year with a shared commitment to restore our sacred relationship with the Foundations of Life and with all of Creation.

Please visit 7 Days of Rest for all the details


Each of us brings unique gifts to the collective healing process that is being called for at this critical time in our evolution. This event offers an open co-creative opportunity for renewing our sacred bond with the Foundations of Life - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the entire Web of Life.

Restoring the sacred relationship of the Feminine and Masculine, within us and beyond us, is vital for our ability to evolve in a way that protects and honours all Life. This meta-intention provides a potent healing membrane for the whole event.

During the 7 days, people across the world will nurture spaces where we can meet these elements in new ways, shed any limiting ideas and habits we may have in relation to them, and discover anew their profound life-giving qualities.

By cultivating reflective and loving communion with these primary forces of Life, we transform and heal ourselves, our lifestyles, our kinship and our culture.

While we will hold the different elements and the relationships between them in our hearts and minds during the course of the week, we also offer a framework for dedicating each day to the following Foundations of Life.

Day One: Earth

Day Two: Water

Day Three:

Day Four:

Day Five:

Day Six: Biodiversity

Day Seven: The Web of Life


There are many ways to co-create this event. We invite you to consider if and how you would like to contribute to this sacred field of healing, rest and reflection - alone or by initiating/leading and/or participating in local or online events during these 7 days.

We can honour these foundations of Creation through diverse frameworks and modalities including (but not limited to) ancient and modern traditions and disciplines, meditation, prayer, nature walks, sacred ceremony, mind-body practices, art, sound, journalling, communing with other species, webinars, workshops and non-violent activism.

As we prepare the ground for this event, we may begin to sense into how the different elements exist within us and beyond us, their unique nature and qualities, and their interdependence and relationship with the other elements.

What do they reveal to us when we listen in and offer them our loving attention?

What can we learn from different forms of reflective engagement about how we can best protect and replenish these elements, nourish them and be nourished by them?

As in last year’s event, the 7 Days of Rest web-platform and social media threads will provide suggestions and resources for each day, as well as create a virtual space for participant-led initiatives to self-organise and share their offerings locally and globally.

On our website we will share links and a world map to different activities taking place around the world, as well as a library of wisdom resources for inspiration for these days, with links to the events and the websites of partnering communities.


To join 7 Days of Rest & Reflection 2019, please sign up as individual and/or as a community.

You can also sign up to initiate /lead local or online events during these 7 days.

Please also join our Facebook event and follow us on our Facebook page

A few more magical dimensions to this event that you may want to explore:

The White Lions are central to the mission

Extinction Rebellion has now gotten involved

Learn more about Shelley Ostroff and her vision at Empower Radio

Please visit the 7 Days of Rest home page for more information

We look forward to hearing from you and co-creating together!

With blessings,

Shelley, Yan and Lidewij

7 Days of Rest Team

At UNIFY, we conduct Global Synchronized Meditations and Collective Social Impact Campaigns to contribute to the growing field of peace on earth. We unite communities to elevate consciousness on Peace Day, Yoga Day, Water Day, Earth Day, and more. If you’ve read this far, please know we love you!

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