Stellar Lineup for UNIFY Broadcast and Global Synchronized Meditation

Dear friends of UNIFY,

Today, Friday, March 22, 2019, is World Water Day...

This is a very special occasion!

We have an absolutely amazing lineup of Chiefs, Headsmen, and Leaders in the Water Protector Movement, as well as global leaders in Water Charity efforts and the Inter-Tribal Community, for the UNIFY World Water Day Broadcast.

The Broadcast airs on
Facebook Live later today, and includes a Global Synchronized Meditation to bless our waters.



The organizations and individuals taking part in this broadcast join many others around the world in providing pragmatic solutions around water sovereignty and protecting the waters of the world for all life.

This exceptional broadcast has been co-created to assist people everywhere understand what each of us can do as members of this global community to clean and regenerate our waters for the future generations.

We will also be hearing updates on the Standing Rock Movement as it stands now.

On Facebook Live and starting at 12 Noon PDT, 3 pm EDT, you'll experience a real-time feed of interviews, blessings, prayers, conversations and more, featuring these outstanding individuals in celebration of the waters of earth.


At 3:00 pm in your local time zone be at, on, or in, a sacred body of water as you anchor a Global Wave of Blessings moving across the earth. Add your blessings to the wave!

WHERE: Rivers, Creeks, Hot Springs, Oceans,
Lakes, or even your very own bathtub ;)


At 3pm EDT, 2 pm CDT, 1 pm MDT, 12 pm PDT join the global synchronized moment where we will UNIFY our intentions
and prayers to restore the sacred relationship
between Humanity and Water.  


2019 World Water Day Broadcast Participants
Unity Earth • United Religions InitiativeUNIFY
UN World Water Day • Parliament of the World's Religions
Urantia Book Fellowship • Synergize Impact Network Exchange
The Resonance Project • Compassion Games • Liquid PHI
Best of Humanity • Earth Guardians • Guardian Alliance
Four Worlds International Institute Water Charity
Heart of the Rose • The Regenerative Development Foundation
Chief Phil Lane • Chief Arvol Looking Horse • Chief Harvey
Dan Nanamkin of the Nez PerceDr. LaNada War Jack
Pat McCabe (Weyakpa Najin Win, Woman Stands Shining)
Lydia Ileliya Ester PonceIshi’ Ho’tnay (Sun Wolf)
Akicita Hoksida • Isaac S. Kinney (Yurok) • Tom Dostou

Global Synchronized Meditation Moderators
Joseph Skywatcher • Angelique Rodriguez • Miranda Clendening

We're thrilled to be bringing so many beautiful elders, water protectors, and global leaders to this divine orchestration.

Water is life,

~ The UNIFY team


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All Times in PDT • Lineup and Times Subject To Change

Chief Arvol Looking Horse was born on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. At the age of 12, he was given the responsibility of becoming the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, the youngest ever. He is widely recognized as a chief and the spiritual leader of all three branches of the Sioux tribe.

He is the author of White Buffalo Teachings and a guest columnist for Indian Country Today. A tireless advocate of maintaining traditional spiritual practices, Chief Looking Horse is the founder of Bigfoot Riders which memorializes the massacre of Big Foot's band at Wounded Knee.

Chief Looking Horse's prayers have opened numerous sessions of the United Nations and his many awards include the Juliet Hollister Award from the Temple of Understanding, a Non-Governmental Organization with Consultation Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. He lives on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota.

Film interviews with Arvol Looking Horse on spirituality, tribal history, and advice for American Indian youth are a featured part of the documentary film and DVD on the Crow Shoshone Sun Dance entitled Native Spirit: The Sun Dance Way. An illustrated book, Native Spirit: The Sun Dance Way, by Thomas Yellowtail (recorded and edited by Michael Fitzgerald), also features his counsel. World Wisdom has prepared special video clips of Arvol Looking Horse speaking on a variety of different subjects. They can be viewed in our American Indian Resources section.

Chief Harvey was given the name "High Chief" at the age of 13 when he was made a Chief of the Cheyenne as one of the 44 Headsmen that make of the Council of 44 Chiefs.  After serving in the professional arenas of public health and tribal government for the Community; he retired and now serves as the Southern Cheyenne Peace Chief overseeing ceremonies, protecting sacred sites, and fighting for water rights on behalf of the Indigenous Communities originating in the Southern Great Plains region of North America.

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is a Hereditary Chief and enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development. He was born at the Haskell Indian School in Lawrence, Kansas in 1944, where his mother and father met and attended school.

During the past 48 years, Chief Lane has worked with Indigenous Peoples from North, Central and South America, Micronesia, South East Asia, India, Hawaii, and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996).

In 1982, with Indigenous elders and spiritual leaders from across North, America,  Chief Lane founded the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII). FWII became an independent Institute in 1995. As well, Phil is Chairman of  Four Directions International,  First Nations Solar, Compassion Games International and is a Global Trustee of the United Religions Initiative.

With Chief Lanes guidance and applied experience, FWII has become an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development because of the Institute’s unique focus on the importance of culture and spirituality in all elements of development. Both Four Directions International and First Nations Solar serve FWII's economic development arm. Both, dedicated to the development of sustainable commercial enterprises that support holistic, political, social, cultural, environmental, and educational development.

In 1977,  Chief Lane was named a Modern Indian Sports Great by the National Indian Magazine, Wassaja, for his record-breaking accomplishments in Track and Wrestling. He has extensive experience in his cultural traditions, is an award-winning author and film producer and holds Master’s Degrees in Education from National University, Public Administration from the University of Washington and was awarded a global fellowship to attend the Institute of Arts Administration Summer Intensive, Harvard School of Business, Harvard University.
Chief Lane's film credits include the award-winning films, “Images of Indians”, “Walking With Grandfather”, “The Honor of All: The Story of Alkali Lake”,  “Healing the Hurts” and“ Shift of the Ages ” and "Us and Them." A biographical story of Chief Lane's life is currently in development.

Dan Nanamkin, from the Chief Joseph Band Of Wallowa, Nez Perce, and Colville Confederated Tribes of Washington State has been an advocate/teacher for indigenous culture, community unity, youth empowerment, racial equality, and peace for several decades; a man who believes in prayer, ceremony and helping the people.

His calling was to support the Standing Rock movement with every essence of his life and belief. He endured most every peaceful front line action at Standing Rock from September 2016 until March 2017. Since then he has been traveling across the nation on his own accord with his band “One Tribe Movement,” to speak at festivals, gatherings, pow wows, colleges, schools and community events to promote unity, self resiliency, healing/wellness and land sustainability.  

Here’s a word from Dan:

“At this critical turning point in history Our traditional teachings and values are needed for guidance and direction, so I have become an advocate for our native culture and presence to be heard and seen respectfully.  I have been a long time teacher, health and wellness coach, community activity director, youth advocate, native cultural educator, cultural ambassador and pow wow dancer and singer. I just recently had my tv and film acting debut. I am currently working toward writing several books to inspire and motivate all people toward UNITY and UNIFYing, healing from historic trauma, and improving our physical wellness and spiritual growth. I am also composing music to support our activism awareness with my first CD, and developing a cultural land resiliency project to increase our cultural knowledge and relationship to Mother Earth.I wish to continue work into building bridges of hope and humanity to strengthen our commitment toward social and environment justice!  I believe in this beautiful path and am grateful to have this opportunity to share a few words with you all for World Water Day at UNIFY.”

Dr. LaNada War Jack

LaNada War Jack PhD co-organized the takeover of Alcatraz Island in 1969, the most prominent  turning point in Native American activism before Standing Rock.

LaNada War Jack is a member of the Shoshone Bannock Tribes where she lives on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho.  She attended the University of California at Berkeley and graduated with honors in an Independent Major of Native American Law & Politics.

While a student at UC Berkeley, LaNada participated as the Native American component of the first Ethnic Studies Program in the UC statewide effort to establish Native, Black, Chicano and Asian Studies.  In 1969, LaNada and other students throughout California took over Alcatraz Island in peaceful protest of the federal government’s ill treatment of Native people and broken treaties with tribes. This facilitated certain subsequent government funded policies for Indian tribes' nationwide while recovering millions of acres of land back.

Pursuing enforcement of treaties obligations and Indian rights, LaNada was on the founding board and executive board of the Native American Rights Fund for nearly a decade and maintains a current relationship where she has been involved in fundraising efforts.  LaNada has been an elected councilwoman for her tribes and served on many boards both locally and nationally.

In 1985, she co organized Tribal Survival Ecosystems and received her Certificate in Permaculture Design from the International Permaculture Institute, Tasmania, Australia.  

Dr. War Jack completed her graduate work at Idaho State University with a Masters in Public Administration and a Doctorate of Arts Degree in Political Science, Pocatello, Idaho in 1999. Dr. War Jack served as the Executive Director for the Shoshone Bannock Tribes for three years and presently the President of Indigenous Visions Network. She taught classes in Native American History at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska.  LaNada is presently editing her book “Colonization Battlefield” for publication 2018

She currently is acting Director of The Regenerative Development Foundation 501(c)(3) which is focused on Regenerative Community Development and Social Impact Investment to act as a fiscal sponsorship for international projects in providing clean water, sustainable food production and infrastructure resources to those most in need around the planet.

Pat McCabe (Weyakpa Najin Win, Woman Stands Shining) is a Diné (Navajo) mother, grandmother, activist, artist, writer, ceremonial leader, and international speaker. She is a voice for global peace, and her paintings are created as tools for individual, earth and global healing. She draws upon the Indigenous sciences of Thriving Life to reframe questions about sustainability and balance, and she is devoted to supporting the next generations, Women’s Nation and Men’s Nation, in being functional members of the “Hoop of Life” and upholding the honor of being human.

Her primary work at the moment is:

• The reconciliation between the masculine and feminine, Men's Nation and Women's Nation

• Remembering, recreating or creating anew a narrative for the Sacred Masculine

• Addressing the Archetypal Wounding that occurred in our misunderstanding and abuse of technology in prayer, ceremony and science


Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Water Charity, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation. In our 11+ years, Water Charity has done more than 4,400 water, sanitation and public health projects in 77 countries, benefiting more than 4.5 million people! With our unique and extremely efficient method of operation, and an exemplary, transparent track record of sustainable, effective projects, you will be hard pressed to find any charity, in any field, that can match our accomplishments.

He is a noted, world-touring, international DJ, producer, and musician... as well as a writer, futurist, humanitarian, and more.

Jah۞Sun has been active in a large number of causes over the years, bringing to WC his laser focus on
actually helping people, efficiency, and getting things done in a sustainable manner. His decades of experience in entertainment cemented his dislike of superficial glitz, photo ops, galas, and the myriad ways other charities manage to spend a ton of money without really doing much for the people they claim to serve.

Lydia Ileliya Ester Ponce

I am Mayo, Quechua and adopted by Gloria Arellanes, Tongva. I am about in lak’ech. My humble heart offers this as I am AIM, Community Engagement Director for both SoCal350 and 5Gyres. We never stand alone, it’s the people in our community circle, near and far; we stand for what is humane. We always walk with our ancestors, collectively, that is our power. I cannot talk about myself, alone. It’s always about the community circle we create when we come together, like tonight.

Ishi’ Ho’tnay (Sun Wolf) aka “Patrick Kincaid”

He is descended from the Suh’tai band of Tsistsistas (Cheyenne Peoples); the Oglala Lakota Oyate of the Oceti Sakowin Nation (The Seven Council Fires known as the Great Sioux Nation); the Pine Martin Clan of the Anishinaabe (Chippewa Peoples); and the Tewa of the Anasazi (Pueblo Peoples).

He currently is the CEO of the Inherent Rights Agency, LLC, which consults Tribes on Human Rights violations and obtaining autonomy. In 2016, he served the Standing Rock Tribal Council and the Yankton Sioux Tribe Treaty Committee legal consultant regarding the Fort Laramie treaties, which was violated by the State of South Dakota and Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and resulted in the infamous Water Protector advocacy. Mr. Kincaid edited the Frederick, Morgan, and Peebles’ law firms temporary restraining orders as the lead treaty consultant for the Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota; and also worked as the lead Treaty consultant for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of South Dakota.

During this time, he met with Senator Bernie Sanders, the United Nations, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Colonel. He also participated as an expert legal and cultural consultant in the preparations of the temporary restraining orders filed against the DAPL as well as the claim that resulted in the reversal of President Trump’s Order to negate the environmental Impact study requirement to permit the pipeline. On the front lines of the water protector front, he worked directly with Digital Smoke Signals as they documented the atrocities committed by Morton County Sheriff’s Department and Tiger Swan (formerly Black Water) using Drone technology; as their legal consultant for air space use capabilities and criminal charges constantly being filed upon the team. His legal expertise is focused in the area of Indian Country jurisdiction in the United States of America as well as International jurisdiction to ensure there are strongholds of clean water, clean air, and real food for all citizens globally. He focuses on using the law as a tool of resistance in his legal advocacy which is evident by his work on the landmark cases such as Murphy vs. State of Oklahoma, which in 2107 resulted in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reversing the federal district court of eastern Oklahoma’s disestablishment of five federally recognized Tribes (Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, and Chickasaw) and preserved their mineral wealth and reserved water rights for the future generations of citizens to come.

He is currently actively involved as Legal Advisor to the Water Protection Initiative 501(c)(3) which is focused on providing Legal and Technological support for the protection of water through legal and Data collection IOT and Water Mapping technologies that can help empower tribes throughout the world.

Akicita Hoksida, Manape LaMere is Dakota and Hocak. A government representative of the Sioux Nation of Indians and chosen headsmen representing the Mdewakantowan and Ihanktowan bands of the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation). He is also a staff member of the Great Turtle Island Federation to the U.N. Economic and Social Council. His goals are to create diplomatic opportunities that can translate into economic developments (water purification, food sovereignty, renewable energy, cryptocurrencies, homeland security, and cultural/spiritual preservation). With the ultimate goal of building a true independent Indian Nation, self-sustaining, self-determined and standing upon the Nations Traditional territory.

Isaac S. Kinney (Yurok) is a Yurok Tribal Citizen from village of Weych-pues at the confluence of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers in what is now known as Northwest California. He received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Native American Studies with a minor in Community & Regional Development from the University of California, Davis. Isaac has worked for his nation in the Transportation and Planning Departments, Inter-Tribal organizations and in philanthropy. Isaac utilizes his specialized skills set of analysis and technical expertise on issues related to tribal courts, land use, economic development, community organizing and infrastructure improvement. His extensive experience working with indigenous communities and tribal governments have helped him become effective in his advocacy efforts in working with international, domestic and local governments, philanthropists and grass-roots organizations. He currently resides in his village of Weych-pues with his wife Priscella and three children Kee-poon Hoogech, Pectah Ike, and Tseeyaba.

Sponsors & Special thanks to:

Heart of the Rose 501(c)(3) &

The Regenerative Development Foundation 501(c)(3)

Through education and partnerships, Heart of the Rose strives to reawaken and strengthen the profound interconnection between humans and the environment. We work to help people remember that our individual and collective health is intrinsically connected to the health and wellbeing of the natural environment. Recently, Heart of the Rose raised funds to restore salmon habitat in the Upper Nehalem watershed, setting the foundation for the entire ecosystem to thrive. The Heart of the Rose promotes the health and well-being of the natural world and all members of the community by teaching spiritual healing practices that encourage conscious ways of living and a holistic worldview. For more information, please visit their facebook page.


Joseph Cerecedes, Moderator
Founder & Director of Liquid PHI Inc. and Lead Coordinator for The Regenerative Development Foundation 501(c)(3).

He has nearly two decades of experience in Commercial Biotechnologies, with an emphasis in Medical Mycology and has worked with some of the leading Mycologists, Nuclear physicists, and Mathematicians in the world. He wrote and published a scientific treatise on life’s relationship and coevolution with cosmic, solar and terrestrial radiation titled “Biological Resonance: Thriving in a Radioactive Universe.” He has co-authored and published peer-reviewed work with Dr. Solomon P Wasser, the Editor in Chief of the International Journals of Medicinal Mushrooms and Algae from the Institute of Evolution in Haifa Israel, on Cordyceps fungi through the Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements by Paul Coates of the National Institutes of Health.

His unique mathematical insights into the fundamental geometries of electromagnetic fields have been reviewed by Hanford’s Lead Criticality Nuclear Safety Engineer as “the most thorough and complete collection of math patterns that I have had the opportunity to learn about.” Over the years this research has expanded into realms ranging from plasma physics and breakthrough clean energy technologies to  life extension biotechnologies and he has uncovered and rediscovered the depths of the world’s most ancient culture’s understanding of harmonic relationships of the natural cycles of time and ancient  calendrical systems which tracked the fundamental harmonics of the Universe.

Joseph also developed a water enhancement technology which is created through a process that mimics the earth's natural waterway cycles and is aimed towards regenerating the liquid crystalline matrix of the waters in our bodies and on the surface of the planet earth. Joseph is dedicated to supporting International Indigenous Communities and the Global Water Protection Movement. He has worked directly with Native American Spiritual Leadership for almost 20 years and is currently actively  coordinating efforts between several corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, and sovereign entities as part of the rapidly emerging global movement of which we are all part.

Special Thanks to Joseph and team for pulling together this outstanding collective of water protectors and elders.

Angelique Rodriguez, Moderator
Angelique is an activist and heart centered world bridger focusing on numerous planetary and social issues for the betterment of all, who will also guide the World Water Day Global Synchronized Meditation.

Miranda Clendening, Moderator
Miranda is a Creative Visionary, a Director at UNIFY, a member of the Inter-Religious Council at the African Union, Co-founder at Best of Humanity, Ambassador at Parliament of the World's Religions, Ambassador at UNITY EARTH, Ambassador, Volunteer, Supporter at God's Care Foundation School, a Hospice and Home Care Nurse, living in Crestone, Colorado.

Friday, March 23 • UNIFY Facebook Page
#worldwaterday #unfiy #lovewater

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